Posted by: Staff | 10.20.2007

A History of Beaver Publications

This newspaper is just the latest in a long line of Beaver publications. For your enjoyment, and as inspiration for the name contest, here is a list of past publications.

The Beaver Log
Starting in 1924, this used to be a quarterly in-house printed publication. Each spring’s issue included photos and memories of the senior class (this section evolved into the current yearbook). It included poems, short stories, school news, and artwork. In 1947 (through 1967), the Log transformed into the Log Booklets: printed three times a year, and consisted of poems, short stories, news and little artwork. As of 1947, the name The Log was strictly used for the yearbook—consisting of mainly senior material, published at the end of each academic year.

Beaver Bulletin
Community-based (parent and student) magazine (1948-1995)

Primarily an alumni community magazine (Much like BCDS of present. 1999-2003)

The Little Log/The Chip
1920s and 1930s lower and middle school publication

Beaver News
Community-based magazine (1988-1998)

Student newspaper (1981-1986)

Beaver Newsletter
Student newsletter (1979-1987)

Arts magazine: poetry, artwork, photos, short stories (1984-present)

Beaver Bark
Replaced Booklet/Little Log (1955)

Beaver Breeze
Alumni magazine (1957-1960s)

Beaver Bullet
Community-based magazine (1987-1988)

Beaver Forager
Student newspaper

Beaver Review
Like the original version of The Log (1960s)

Beaver Imprint
Student newspaper (1990s-2000s)

Beaver Matters
Alumni newsletter (1990s)

Beaver Press

Beaver Star
Student newspaper

Beaver Tale
1940s student newsletter

Beaver Times
Student newspaper (Mid-1990s)

Beaver Today
Community bi-monthly magazine (Late 1990s)

Beaver Weekly
Grade 5 newsletter (1950s?)

The Cheshire
Middle School magazine (late 1970s)

Similar to Heliconian (1984-1985)

Similar to Heliconian (Late 1960s-1970s)

Hammond St Journal
Newspaper elective project (Late 1990s)

Similar to Heliconian (Late 1960s-Early 1970s)

Similar to Heliconian (1974)

Parents Association newsletter (Late 1980s)

Lower School Bulletin

Middle School Literary Magazine
(Early 1990s)

Monthly Mailer
Community-wide newsletter (Mid-1990s)

Student newspaper

The New Chip

The News
Community-wide newsletter (Late 1980s)

Community-wide newsletter (Late 1980s)

Parents Newsletter
(Late 1980s)

Pilot News
Middle school newsletter (Early 1990s)

President’s Report
What is now the Annual Report (Late 1970s-Early 1980s)

Similar to Heliconian (Early 1970s)

(Mid 1950s)

(Early-mid 1960s)

Thought Prints
Similar to Heliconian (Early 1970s)



  1. Quite the list!

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