Posted by: Staff | 10.21.2007

Help and Submission Information

Who started the newspaper?
Dan Katz and Jessica Penzias, Class of 2008, started the newspaper in 2007.

I’ve read every word on the site and want to know more!
There’s plenty more Beaver news at the official site:
As for non-Beaver news, at least one person on the newspaper staff (Toph Tucker ’08) recommends the venerable

This stuff is great, but there should really be an article on _________, and I happen to have written one!
Let someone associated with the newspaper know. Try Dan Katz ’08, Jessica Penzias ’08, Toph Tucker ’08, or the English teacher Mr. Lieser (our faculty advisor). Email them, stick something in their box, or leave a comment here. Or just run up to them and literally shove your article in their face–but not too violently! Wouldn’t want to give anyone a paper cut.

The comments aren’t working.
In order to cut down on spam, we’ve instituted comment moderation, which means that every comment must be approved by an administrator in order to show up. We’re not trying to censor you, we’re just keeping inappropriate content off the site. We’ve experimented with turning moderation on and off, and we will continue to. It’s easier for everyone if we can leave it off, but to do so we have to be confident that the comment system isn’t being abused. (Note that when we say “abusers,” we’re not referring to you loyal readers, we’re referring to random folks from Timbuktu who spam us with links to their free credit report site.)

Your polls are awesome, and I have an idea for a really good one.
Thanks! If you have an idea for a poll, leave a comment or email Toph Tucker ’08. (My full name is Christopher, so FirstClass won’t recognize Toph. Christopher Tucker works just fine.) We love polls, and we’re always on the lookout for new ones!

Yeah, but mine’s really weird.
Listen, we currently have a poll by Nick that asks, “What country is better than the U.S.?” and the only two choices are “None” and “Trick Question.” And it’s the best poll ever. That said, we won’t post any and every suggestion we get, so try to make it interesting and intriguing.

Weird things are happening. Articles are disappearing, or showing more than they should, etc.
Let us know. Be specific! What page is misbehaving? What browser are you using? Internet Explorer and Firefox each have their share of issues with the site. A few pages are currently acting a little strangely in Firefox. We’re working on it.


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