Posted by: Staff | 10.23.2007

Welcome to the… the… the what?

Welcome to the all-new student newspaper!
This is still a very early incarnation of the site–we’re still tweaking the layout, design, and (of course) content. But we hope you enjoy our first few articles.

You’ll notice we have no name! That’s where we need your help. Over the next week or so we’ll be fielding suggestions, and then you can come back and vote on your favorite.
NOTE: Name suggestions are now closed, but please vote in the name poll in the right column!

How do I vote for my favorite submission?
Go to the main page of the website! In the right column are the choices for the title. Select the title that captures your attention! We will announce the winners at All School Meeting when the voting has closes!

What can I win?
The winner will receive a $30 iTunes gift card and a signed copy of Andrew Emmons’ new CD.

Here’s a list of past names of Beaver publications.

If you have any suggestions or comments at all, please feel free to leave them in the comments! Thanks for stopping by, and come again soon!

NOTE: Comments will not show up immediately, but don’t worry, it works. 🙂



  1. The Lodge

  2. BEAVER READER–laura

  3. i don’t know…
    “The As of Yet Unnamed Beaver Newspaper”
    works for me….

  4. perhaps….

    The Beaver Cleaver….?

    No? ok.

  5. As I see it, you’ve got three categories to choose from: A lame beaver pun or other beaver reference, like “The Dam,” a generic name like “BCDS Times,” or something weird and out there, like “The Daily Pablum,” “It’s News!” or just “PRAVDA” in large letters.

    I’d go for the third column.


  6. How about “The Beaver Believer”? 🙂

    But I really, really like PRAVDA.

  7. would The Beaver Blog be too obvious?

  8. The Lodge works for me as well, if we must change from “The As of Yet Unnamed Beaver Newspaper”.

  9. beaver portal

  10. Beaver Believer

  11. I’m with Nat on this one. I like “The As of Yet Unnamed Beaver Newspaper.” Just keep it. I see no reason why the name has to be a dull Beaver pun (although I still like the Daily Pablum, but whatever).


  12. I think Beaver Cleaver is pretty good. You could say it means the newspaper cuts through the fog of rumor and confusion like a cleaver. And you would get lots of hits from fans looking for the old TV show, which would make the paper look very popular.
    Bill Bulkeley (Laura’s dad)

  13. The Beaver Buzz

  14. The Chronicles and News of the Beaver Country Day School

    – Gen Minori

  15. Welcome to the Beaver Dam?

  16. I kinda like “the lodge”…or maybe even “The Beaver Lodge”?

    I kinda like the name now though…

  17. What does PRAVDA mean?

    I repeat my first comment,
    “The As of Yet Unnamed Beaver Newspaper”
    is just about as good as it can get.

    : )

  18. You should definitely go back to the Imprint…. Thats just my feeling, but thats what I think of when I think of a Beaver Newspaper.

    -From an alum who only caught the last few editions of the Imprint, and who should probably stop getting involved in high school matters….


    If you are submitting a newspaper name, and want to be considered for the prize and glory…l


    It makes our lives much easier, and you can possibly win big!

    – The Staff


    “beaver receiver”
    “beaver reliever”
    “beaver retriever”
    “beaver fever”

  21. From the 1990 yearbook….

    irrelevant to all things Beaver, yes, but catchy. If it needed to be related to beavers, the logo could be a little cartoon beaver navigating a big classic wheel on a ship or something of the sort

  22. Just to reiterate our point before:

    Signing a same like “Sarah” is difficult because of the amount of Sarah’s out there. If you want credit, please sign either your last name or last initial.


    The Staff

  23. How about the Beaver breeze? or the Beaver Gazzete, Or Life at beaver, or the Beaver country Patriot, or Beaver world?

  24. The Beaver BFFL’s

    No? the Beaver Believer

  25. Jonathan Bennett Zibrak IV

    Beaver Bugle

    The Boston Globe

    The Beaver Inquirer

    Wall Street Beaver

    The Dow Jones Beaver

    Boston Beaver

    The Eager Beaver Reader (You better be a believer)Jeremy Tannenbaum

    The Improper Beaver

    Beaver Digest

    Beaver Illustrated FOR KIDS!!!!

  26. Don’t you mean “The Beaver Globe”? 🙂

  27. The Beaver Buzz

  28. “the new, in use, not out of date Beaver Newspaper

  29. Beaver Hatchet.

  30. the beaver achiever

  31. Ellie Brelis – Beaver Tales

  32. The Beaver Times

  33. The Beaver Times

  34. How about the beaver fever our the scoop on beaver.

  35. Tick Tock! Beaver News AROUND THE CLOCK!

  36. @Jehane-
    Pravda means truth in Russian. It was the name of the government owned newspaper in Soviet Russia that pretty much reported nothing but Communist propaganda.



  37. The Beaver Log?

  38. I don’t see why we have to have a name for it. Can’t we just call it The Beaver Newspaper?

    Gen Minori

  39. Sheyda–that’s the yearbook. 🙂
    Gen–well, even something as generic as “The Beaver Newspaper” is still a name!

    And I hereby suggest The HMS Beaver II Times, in honor of our namesake. 🙂

  40. I like Beaver Fever or the Beaver Inquirer

    I do not really know, but here are some other names,too:
    The Beav:A Never Ending Story

    since there are so many stories to tell that never really end
    Beaver Sensational

    The Beav: A Rising Sensation
    Beaver Phenomenonal because Beaver is made up of many interesting people that have many talents or skills

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