Posted by: Staff | 10.29.2007

Justin Timberlake: Future Sex and Love Sounds


On August 10, 2007 traffic was backed up all through Boston. Reason being that Justin Timberlake was about to perform in front of a sold out audience at the TD Banknorth Garden. The Garden is located down by North station, and besides concerts, the Bruins and the Celtics play their home games there. The audience was full of mainly teenage girls, twenty-year olds, and mothers accompanying their younger daughters. The teenage girls were interested in taking pictures of the stage and Justin, whereas the twenty somethings were more interested in the alcoholic beverages for sale. The few men among the crowd were attached to their girlfriends with looks of embarrassment across their faces. This was not a testosterone filled experience. The energy level was high as everyone was anxiously waiting to see Justin perform.

The stage design was fabulous. People in all areas could see the entire stage. There was a revolving circle in the center, so when playing the piano or guitar, the performer wouldn’t be facing one angle. The stage was in the middle of the arena, with people seated stadium style surrounding it. On both sides of the stage off the center walkway, there were instruments for the live band to perform. White drapes hung from giant metal bars and were used as screens throughout the concert. Instead of pure videos on the screen, there was an interesting special effect allowing the performers to look like as if they were 3-D drawings.

The opening band for Timberlake was Good Charlotte, a pop-punk band, from Maryland. They are well know for their song “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous” that was all over the radio in the early 2000’s. Just recently their newest album, Good Morning Revival hit number 7 on the Billboard charts. The room felt scilent just minutes before Good Charlotte took the stage. The band had a good set and there was a vibe going throughout their performance, however there was not enough enthusiasm in the crowd, and their music didn’t fit the scene of people going to see Timberlake. Within the short time between when Good Charlotte had finished and when Justin came on, more and more people were starting to fill out the empty seats.

Justin opened the concert with his song “Future Sex Love Sounds” and the crowd went wild. Girls were crying and screaming as Justin broke into one of his many complicated dance routines. The moves were sexual, and amusing to watch. Each fast paced song had choreography that Justin and his dancers preformed to. He sang everything from his ballads, to his pop/dance songs. He even preformed an N’Sync song, following with various top-selling songs from his Justified album, released in 2004. Along with singing, the multi-talented star danced and played instruments to a majority of his music. He even gave a toast to the fans and personally talked about his experience in coming to Boston. The toast was a nice touch and got the crowd riled up.

Half way through the concert Timbaland, a popular producer to the famous and successful musicians, performed the half-time performance. Timbaland’s act consisted of the crowd yelling along to popular songs while he d-jayed his beats. His work was amusing and boosted the energy level. After Timbaland finished his performance, Justin came back out to sing his last songs. Many people started rushing out of the stadium thinking that the concert was over in attempt to beat the rush of screaming pre-teens. However, Timberlake surprised the crowd and played a series of ballads on the piano.

The concert was amazing and a great experience. Timberlake is a talented performer and knows how to work the crowd, and perhaps he deserves more credit than his boy band reputation has given him. His dancing, singing, and instrumental abilities are real crowd pleasers. No wonder all his concerts on his Future Sex Love Sounds Tour were sold out!



  1. The atmosphere must have been amazing. With palpable excitement filling the air, the environment sounds electric. You know, in a metaphoric sense…..not literally. That would be bad. Justin would probably have more than a few lawsuits on his hands at that point.

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