Posted by: Staff | 10.31.2007

Week 8 Fantasy Football Blog


*If you don’t have Marvin Harrison go get him. Yes he only has 247 receiving yards but he is still Marvin Harrison. After a poor Monday night game where he was shuttled in and out due to his hip he followed it up with a DNP due to injury. Reggie Wayne is starting to get the attention he deserves as is Dallas Clark. Defenses are hemming up the middle of the field, leaving some big opportunities down the sidelines for Harrison. Harrison will be back and fully healthy at some point in the next three weeks and he is likely to regain his post as Peyton Manning’s favorite receiver and a top 5 fantasy WR.

*If you have Hines Ward, look to capitalize on his big game in the form of a trade. Ward faced a terribly weak pass defense in Cincinnati and is not likely to repeat his performance in yards or touchdowns too often. In his last eight games prior to this he has averaged just 51 yards per game while only recording one touchdown. He is no longer a #2 fantasy wide out and if you can get that value for him or improve another position, that is a deal you should make.

*Michael Bennett looked good scoring a 19 yard touchdown today, but Earnest Graham still carried the ball fourteen times to Bennett’s two. In a deeper league Bennett is worth a flyer but he is not a viable fantasy option yet and that is not likely to change without an injury to Graham.

*Drew Brees threw for 4 touchdowns against a pretty good pass defense that features two fantastic corners. He now has put two good games together and seems to be back as a top 10 fantasy quarterback. If you were lucky enough to hold on to him or trade for him, now would be the time to make him a weekly start.

*Marc Bulger threw for a touchdown and 300 yards against one of the worst pass defenses in football. He’s not back yet. Steven Jackson got hurt again and his status is unknown for week 9. Bulger is worth a roster spot in any format, but he is not a good fantasy starter at this point.

*Adrian Peterson really is not a top 5 fantasy back. If you can get that trade value, take it. That offense is just not consistent enough. On the other hand Ladanian Tomlinson owners may have to be reminded that a game without a touchdown does not mean he is no longer the best fantasy player in the league. Don’t go crazy and trade him for Joseph Addai or Tom Brady.

*Vernon Davis returned to fantasy relevance with a touchdown and 71 yards this week. Although he may not be a top 12 fantasy TE he is worth a roster spot in any format.

*You should not draw any assumptions from the London Bowl. Do not judge Eli Manning, Jesse Chatman, Plaxico Burress, Jeremy Shockey, Cleo Lemon, Derek Hagan, Ted Ginn Jr., Amani Toomer or Brandon Jacobs by that game. The situation was just so bizarre due to the overseas travel, the horrible field condition and the weather. Throw that one out.

*Kevin Jones scored a touchdown and gained 100 total yards. You can now consider him a top 20 running back and a viable #2 RB and good flex option.

*Kellen Clemens is going to get his shot, and based just on what he did against Baltimore he is worth a shot in 2 QB leagues or any 14 team format.

*No, Ryan Grant is not a fantasy starter. He ran wild on a Denver team that cannot tackle when healthy, let alone without John Lynch and with an injured DJ Williams playing. Even if Grant can hold onto the starting spot for the rest of the year, which is a terrific stretch, he is at best a poor flex option in most any league.

*Tony Scheffler should be on your radar in any format as a backup tight end. The Broncos tight end came in as a second round pick last year and developed terrific chemistry with Jay Cutler. He is their only legitimate option in Shanahan’s favorite goal line pass play (in the jumbo package he rolls Cutler to the right, releasing a deep tight end running across the back and a short tight end cutting in front. Scheffler has scored two touchdowns in two weeks off this play) and that alone makes him a threat for a TD every week.

*David Martin, Vishante Shiancoe and almost all other flash in the pan tight ends simply… are awful options. These guys are not legitimate fantasy options. In a deep 12-team league I play in Vishante was not only picked up but is now starting. How in the world does the 5th option on the worst passing team in football make a fantasy roster? His touchdown and 50 yard performance will be his only of the year and possibly his best career game. Don’t get foolish. You’re far better off with Kyle Brady who we know will get some goal line plays every week.


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