Posted by: Staff | 11.01.2007

With New Uniforms In Hand, A Golf Championship Is Not Out Of Reach: Interview with Larry McKinney


Last year the Beaver golf’s team stunning 14-0 regular season record came to an end when with a devastating loss to Bancroft in the E.I.L golf Championship: “Bancroft had their best match of the year and we did not, it’s as simple as that,” said head golf coach Larry McKinney.

After last year’s championship loss, the team, the school and coach Larry McKinney set out with the high hopes of obtaining a championship. Since the start, the Golf Team has taken the golf course and fashion world by the horns. This year the golf team has decided to sport a new and impressive uniform consisting of a bright yellow button down shirt, baby blue pants and a red belt: “The uniforms this year are kind of crazy, but they are fun,” said coach Larry McKinney. With new uniforms in hand, the golf team was able to win 7 of their first 8 matches placing them at the top of the E.I.L standings. This domination on the golf course is due to Beaver’s stellar lineup of Max Campion, Adam Buchbinder, Erik Tobias, Jamie Beckingham, Evan Winter and Mike Boustany. With E.I.L all-star Max Campion (who has hit an amazing 1 over par last game), leading the way, it seems like the future of the golf team will continue to look up. Larry McKinney closed the interview by commenting on the golf team’s future: “I know that our season can’t be as perfect as last years, but I feel that if we continue to play the way we have, the E.I.L. championship will soon be in Beaver’s possession.”

Quick Interview With Larry McKinney
Best Player? Max Campion
Who would win 1v1 you or Max? Max
What your record thus far? 14-2
Hardest Game Thus Far? Loss against Landmark
Is a championship achievable this year? Definitely
What do you think about the new uniform? It’s awesome
Favorite sport (other thank golf)? Basketball
Favorite sport to watch (other than golf)? Football
Favorite Pro Team? Patriots
Favorite Movie? Shawshank Redemption
Favorite T.V. show? Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Food? Pizza from Pinos
Favorite Drink? Diet Coke


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