Posted by: Staff | 12.20.2007

Vote for our new name now!

Just to the right of this message we’ve put up the newspaper name poll. Vote now for your favorite! The eight finalists were chosen by the newspaper staff from a pool of around 60 suggestions. They are:

The As-Yet-Unnamed Beaver Newspaper
The Beaver
The Beaver Believer
The Beaver Bugle
The Beaver Reader
The Eager Beaver Reader (You Better Be a Believer!)
The Lodge
The Navigator

For anyone who’s here for the first time, take a minute to look at some of our 45+ articles, our various polls, and the video montage shown at last week’s Wednesday Forum. More content keeps coming every few days, so check back regularly, even over winter break.

By the way, we’re always happy to get new submissions, no matter the subject. If you’re a writer, photographer, videographer, or anything else, we’d love to showcase your work. Feel free to email anyone on the staff, including (but not limited to!) Dan Katz, Jessica Penzias, or Toph Tucker. We’re also looking for anyone who has experience with Blogger (or just web design in general) or an interest in graphic design. Middle School, Upper School, Faculty, Alumni–you’re all invited to contribute!


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