Posted by: Staff | 01.10.2008

The Beaver Newspaper Montage

First seen at our Wednesday Forum presentation, witness here the Beaver Newspaper Montage.

There’s a slightly better-quality version here.

Here are links to the full versions of the articles read at Wednesday Forum:
Laura: When Life Sucks, Turn to Golf
Sam: When the Pen Fails
Jehane: Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Lieser
Jeff: [not yet posted]
Dan: Defining a Generation



  1. Toph, you are incredible! Thanks so much for making this video. It’s amazing

  2. I’m a little obsessed with this video.

  3. I agree, anna- I’ve only watched it 234 times. Great work, Toph! Another fantastic video.

  4. wow… just wow

  5. I have watched this video for around a half hour all together now. I LOVE IT

  6. By the way, now that the name poll is up I’d like to clarify that Laura’s little outburst at the end does NOT constitute any sort of official endorsement of that particular name choice. 🙂

  7. THIS IS…… really cool!!!

  8. Hmmm. What is this?

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