Posted by: Staff | 01.10.2008

You can keep reading…or you can CONTRIBUTE!

We will announce the new name later this week

Watch for the next issue of the newspaper within the next few weeks. The staff is hard at work on their new articles. We have some great pieces coming out soon: the NH primaries, strange things about Beaver, and an advice column, to name just a few. Stay tuned!

A printed version of the paper will come out within the next couple of weeks. Things are moving fast, and we are excited about all of the progress.

We invite you to come write for the paper!
Why should I?
We always need new writers, editors, and photographers. There are many leadership positions available, and younger staff members ensure that this newspaper will live on. The work involved is never overwhelming, and we all have a lot of fun. There is also a lot of graphic design work to be done, both on the web site and for the upcoming printed version.

Who can contribute?
Anyone! Currently, all our writers are Upper School students. But if you’re a Middle Schooler, faculty member, or alumnus, we’d also love to see your contributions!

How can I contribute?
We welcome just about any sort of writing. Reporting, editorials, movie reviews, humor, and so on. We would also love to showcase some photography on the site, so if you have photos of a Beaver event (or anything else), send them in! We also welcome student videos. Have a movie you made for Mr. Greenberg’s class? Let us know! Thinking ahead to next year, we also need people who have proficiency with Blogger.

Who do I contact?
If you are interested in contributing, please let Dan Katz, Jessica Penzias, or Toph Tucker know! It is a great experience, and it is important to get involved at Beaver–and important for your transcript, too!



  1. Hey guys!

    – Evan L.

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