Posted by: Staff | 01.14.2008

In Anticipation of a Possible Snow Day (1/14)


UPDATE: CLOSED!!! More coming soon!

We, the newspaper staff, are awaiting Peter Hutton’s decision on tomorrow’s snow storm. It is 10:20, and Newton and Brookline have both been closed. However, Beaver prides itself on their bravery when it comes to having school despite a storm. It aimed to shed its reputation of frequent snowdays, and has accomplished just that.

Keep posted to the Newspaper’s site for snow updates, and tips on how to spend a snow day.

P.S: Mr. Hutton, we beg of you…



  1. This article makes an great point. Beaver has previously continued school when there are storms. Doing so, however, can be more dangerous, as students leave throughout the day, driving in the most severe part of the storm. In the spirit of keeping students safe, PLEASE CANCEL SCHOOL!!!!

  2. Also, when so many students can’t make it into school or leave early, classes lose their value.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with both of these comments. Personally, as a new driver, I feel that I am compromising my safety in coming to school, so, if we don’t have a snow day, I will be forced to choose: my education, or my safety? In my personal opinion, a seventeen year old should not have to make such a difficult decision. So, Mr. Hutton, make our lives easier and just cancel it! I have an application due Wednesday!

  4. I would think that Mr. Hutton doesnt even know that this site exists. Or, more realistically, doesn’t know about this article. Someone should forward this magnificent addition of newspaper to Mr Hutton.

  5. for updates check out

    for cancelations

  6. I was about to say that. 🙂 It’ll also be posted at

    I was awake when they called the 2 hour delay earlier this year, and it was, like, 4:00 AM when they posted it online. So we could be in for quite a wait.

  7. Let it snow let it snow let it snow

  8. the point is that it all comes down to safety. As a student driver, it is not fair to make me risk my wellbeing for school. School is ever so important, but there is a certain logic present in Hutton’s decision.

    We shall all wait.

  9. 10:20 PM now, still no comment from BCDS…

  10. CLOSED

  11. Yeah.. Last time when it snowed and we didnt have snowday, my mom fell as she walked out to our car. Not only that her side ribs almost broke, but I also had close-to-death experience later as I was driving to school. Come one Beaver; having a snowday doesnt mean the students are being poorly educated. Dangers outweigh the pros of going to school. I believe that the administration is going to make the right choice in the end.

  12. Wait a sec! why do the dates of the comments say that the time they were posted is 3 hours earlier that it is?

  13. It probably thinks we’re on Pacific Time, since Google is. Nice call. I’ll see if I can fix that.

  14. Timezone issue fixed.

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