Posted by: Staff | 01.14.2008

SNOW DAY!!! (1/14)


At approximately 10:23 pm, Peter Hutton made the decision to cancel school for Monday, January 14th. Hundreds of eager Beavers were glued to their computer and televisions screens, awaiting the prompt updates. Anger spilled out immediately over the delay of the announcement, shown by the comments on the post previous to this one. We, as Beaver Students, are well aware of the administration’s hatred of “unneeded” snow days, and we were worried that this storm would fail to phase Mr. Hutton on his 300 ft walk to school. However, the recent announcement of Hutton’s decision rekindled our love for our headmaster, only lost during a brief period of doubt.

We at the newspaper were prepared to attack any refusal to cancel school on Monday. As staff member Maddy Kiefer wrote: “As a new driver, I feel that I am compromising my safety in coming to school, so, if we don’t have a snow day, I will be forced to choose: my education, or my safety?”

However, now all that is left to do is rejoice! Happy first snow day of 2008!

In honor of snow days of the past: (brought to you by Toph & Willy Tucker)

Read more for “Top Six Things to do During a Beaver Snow Day.”


6. Come to the realization that your local library has a digital checkout system that allows each patron to take up to 99 books out at once. 99 books! Mountains of books! Wonderful books! NO, NOT TO READ! This is a snow day! When you’re settled from the excitement, print a list of the 60+ books you somehow carted home and spread them around town: in the snow, in the dumpster, under the car. Then send everyone on a scavenger hunt. Hand out prizes for first book found and most books found in total. Reserve a special last place award for anyone who spontaneously decides to read a book. Double Grand Prize goes to you, in the end, when they all head out to return the books. Then you won’t owe $112.50 per day when they all become overdue at once.

5. Take a jog over to Beaver and knock on Peter Hutton’s front door. Ask to come in, and he should comply. Sit him down, and explain to him the need for a school day despite the weather. Let the tears shed as you explain to him all of the knowledge you missed from his decision, and because of that your entire future has been compromised. Today’s lesson on Algorithmic Art could have led to a successful career and fulfilling life. BUT NO! You were forced to stay home and drink hot chocolate, and now all has been lost. In addition, you lost the $165 it costs for a school day at beaver, and you expect someone to refund your money. THANKS A LOT PETER HUTTON!

4. Bundle up and find something–or someone–to ride around on, and force them to make weird squawking noises. Speak into your wrist from time about the desolateness of your surroundings. Then find a polar bear (or abominable snowman), have it eat your friend and take you to its cave, and then escape by cutting off its arm. Collapse in the snow and hallucinate until someone finds you. (Confused?)

3. Come on! Be cliché! Just make a snowman! BUT be creative: dress it up as your favorite Beaver faculty member so you don’t miss them too much during your time away. If you take a picture and send it to us, we will be sure to post it!

2. Recite a Lord of the Rings speech in front of the entire student body as your presidential campaign speech.

1. DO HOMEWORK…and then read the Beaver Newspaper!



  1. Yay! Thank goodness. I was a little worried there… my sister (at Dana Hall) gets far too many snow days and I had to endure her taunting last time.

  2. Re: 4: Bonus points for reenacting all of this, too:

    Re: 2: How can you make a speech in front of the student body on a snow day?


  3. Re (2): 4: Also, if you are still in the holiday spirit you can watch and reenact this:

  4. Sir Alec Guinness is lucky his character had gotten killed off by then. I’m surprised they didn’t try to have him play the disembodied voice of Obi-Wan for a little singing. 🙂

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