Posted by: Staff | 01.31.2008

This is The Beaver Reader!

We just announced at All School Meeting that the name contest has come to an end–this is The Beaver Reader! We are now updating with new content from our great staff every single day. For instance: the Math Department math challenge is back up and running in the new Fun section; Maddy Kiefer writes about that dog statue in the courtyard in Mysteries of Beaver; Sam Packard provides horoscopes for the month of February; Dan Traficonte has a “teacher wordplay” crossword; and new college essays are posted every Tuesday and Thursday in the Literary Corner.

The poll came right down to the last couple votes. Laura Bulkeley’s “The Beaver Reader” had held the lead for weeks, but just on Monday several factors combined led to each of the top 3 name options sitting at #1 at some point in the day.

Since the final results were so close, we will be incorporating Jeremy Tenenbaum’s “You Better Be a Believer” tagline into our new brand. Thanks to everyone for the submissions and votes!

One note: we really had no idea how close this was going to be. These polls that we have work great for little low-key opinion questions, but might not be the best way to conduct a more serious poll. Sorry for any confusion we may have caused.

Anyway, check back frequently! This is just the beginning….



  1. Another amaazzinngg video. I’m not surprised, just impressed. Great work!


  3. i got chills

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