Posted by: Staff | 02.03.2008

Shoe Review: Nike Air Structure Triax 91


The Nike Air Structure Triax has been a shoe long wanted by many sneaker fans. It was initially released in 1990, but was later discontinued. Many Nike fans were up in arms and thought the Triax 91 would never hit the sneaker market again. Fortunately, their cries have been heard, and the shoe returned in December 2007.

The Nike Air Structure Triax 91 is a very innovative shoe with a plethora of color possibilities. Its retro/classic style, combined with unique clear arch (seen a lot in the Nike Air Max 1) and innovative design, all add up to create a very nice sneaker. The shoe is currently offered in three colors (although I’m not a very big fan of the Triax 91 Purple/Grey-White/Black), but the Triax 91 with black and teal accents, pictured below, is my favorite out of all of them. “The original colorway of the Nike Air Structure (Metallic Summit White/Teal-Black-Infrared) has a classic shape made of smooth black/grey suede, white mesh accents and the lovely teal swoosh.” Although its color scheme is not too complex, the Triax 91 still turns out to be visually appealing. The Dark colors combined with the teal blue all combine too make a shoe that is appealing to the naked eye. To top it all off, the back of the shoes have an infrared Nike swoosh that really pops out at you and adds a little kick to the Triax 91.

The Nike Air Structure Triax 91 is a highly anticipated re-release and can cost anywhere from $100-200 (depending on where you look). Make sure to find the Triax 91 before it’s too late.

Score: 8/10



  1. yo find them for me mark

  2. Yet another insightful look into the complex world of footwear. My hat is off to you, Mr. Fabrizio.

  3. Errrm, that was either ironic or pretty sarcastic 😀

  4. OR, *someone* was just trying to comment on every article he could, and after a dozen or so, wasn’t bothering to put any thought into it…

    (And it wasn’t me, by the way. :))

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