Posted by: Staff | 02.09.2008

Girl’s Varsity Basketball hopes for a spot in the EIL tournament


The start to the girl’s varsity basketball season at Beaver has been both trying and exciting. The first game against Berwick was a heartbreaker, when the girls lost by one point in the last few seconds. Though the girls suffered other losses, there have also been some exciting wins against Southfield and Bancroft. Dani Lubin Levy (’09) and Janaya Hart (’09) have led the team as junior captains.

Though the captains play a large role, other players such as Emily Belowich (’11) and Ibbie Yardley (’10) are regular starters and help the team with their high spirits and tough play. Their promise, along with a strong JV team, keeps hope for a strong program in the future. Already, Kasjah Scarlett (’11) has been brought up to varsity from JV and has had ample playing time. At the end of the year, the team will only lose three seniors, one of which has started in two games. Unfortunately, the team has begun to suffer due to injuries. Jessye Crawford (’08) and Kasjah Scarlett are both out due to hand injuries. Kasjah will be out for two weeks, and Jessye will be out for the rest of the season.

Though the team has gotten off to a rough start with a record of 4-9, there is still time to improve. The girls have beaten in-league Bancroft twice, showing that Beaver is a competitor and will hopefully grab a spot in the EIL tournament. The end of the season will surely be intense; come support the team on senior night this Friday at 3:30pm.



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