Posted by: Staff | 02.10.2008

Shoe Review: Although it may not be “the best”, it’s my favorite — The Puma Sky II Low Thai


This year, Puma released the Puma Sky II Low Thai (P.S.2.L.T). This shoe was not a limited edition drop, did not get any hype, did not sell out of stores nationwide, was not designed by any top designers, is not too flashy, is not too pricey and it can be easily purchased online or at any Puma Store. Although the Sky II Lo Thai was not the most talked about shoe of 2007, it’s still my favorite. The P.S.2.L.T is a very basic shoe with and even though colors in the shoes may not pop out at you, I still believe that they all complement each other very well and combine to create a visually appealing sneaker. The P.S.2.L.T is a throwback from Puma and was first released in 1980.

“From the PUMA archive in 1980, the PUMA Sky II Lo Thai shoe is based on one of our top performing basketball styles. The upper features many distinctive Puma design elements, while the Velcro strap provides optimal fit.”

The P.S.2.L.T’s strap is one component of the shoe that I especially like, not only because it complements the design of the shoe very well, but because it also allows the user to adjust the shoe for the ultimate fit. No matter how simple or how common this shoe is, it’s still my favorite shoe of 07 and I intend for it to stay that way.



  1. Well written and informative. Superb research.

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