Posted by: Staff | 02.13.2008

Student Council Update: Senior night, "The Break Down," etc.


Student Council reconvened this Tuesday, February 12 after missing last week’s meeting to run the mock presidential primary. In the meeting, members organized Snack Shack for Friday’s four home games and matches (many seniors’ last home games). A group also worked on organizing and writing a proposal for a possible spring event. Additionally, we had check-ins with each grade to see how many grade events were going on. Jessica Amaizu, a member of the diversity committee came and spoke to us about future plans for a student led project called “The Break Down.” Student Council suggested and discussed its views on the project with Jessica.

As always, Student Council would love to hear your ideas. Please tell a member of Student Council if you have any suggestions or grievances, or come to our meetings at 8:00 on Tuesday mornings.



  1. Here’s my feedback: how come the middle schoolers got Valentine’s Day candy and the upper schoolers didn’t!? The student council constitution needs an Equal Sweets Amendment.

  2. Student council in the past gave candy…

  3. Yeah, I remember that….

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