Posted by: Staff | 02.15.2008

Week in Summary: Feb. 1-14

On the home page we’re featuring a new video player. In Arts & Living: Toph writes about the new Star Wars film, TV show, and videogame; Marco reviews the Nike Air Structure Triax 91 and the Puma Sky II Low Thai sneakers; Adina and Becca chronicle Jamie Lynn Spears’ escapades; Margaret reviews Gossip Girl; Taylor reviews Juno.

In Current Events: Taylor continues to review the presidential hopefuls, most recently Obama. In Editorials: Jared takes on the election, Higgins takes on fundraising, Erik takes on homework, and Chris discusses existence.

In School Life: Maddy investigates the senior lounge and the evolution of our building; Gabby covers Social Action Day; Liz gives a Student Council update.

In Sports: Dana explores BC basketball; Laura explores Girls’ Varsity Basketball.

In Fun: Nick tells the tale of Dan’s life and of the Ebola virus (don’t ask); Haley and Riki share Mr. McKinney’s brownie recipe.

In the Literary Corner, we continue to update with college essays every Tuesday and Thursday, plus Heliconian staff share their favorite Valentine’s Day poems. Meanwhile, work continues on the print version; get excited!



  1. Yay snow day! 🙂

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