Posted by: Staff | 02.18.2008

Shoe Review: Puma Clyde Poison Dart Frog Pack


On February 29, 2008, the Puma Clyde Poison Dart Frog Pack will be released. Although the shoe may be too flashy for some, many sneaker fans will agree that Puma was able to capture the color scheme of this very exotic animal and transfer it straight to the “Dark Frog Pack.” This pack will be released in three color schemes: shiny red/blue/black (P.D.F.P.1), blue/baby blue/blue frog print (P.D.F.P.2), and black/shiny multi-color green frog print (P.D.F.P.3). Of all the shoes, though, my favorite would have to be the black/shiny multi-color green frog print. Unlike the others, the P.D.F.P.3 is not very shiny and cannot really be interpreted as being too flashy either. So mark your calendars because the Puma Clyde Poison Dart Frog Pack is being released soon, and this date only comes along once every four years.



  1. These sneakers capture the true feel of that “very exotic animal.” I can only inagine the sense of excitement when parading through the streets of an urban jungle. Pun very intended.

  2. Are they available To purchase from america? if so could send me the websit they are at and possibly how much they cost in U.S. dollars?

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