Posted by: Staff | 02.21.2008

A Look Back at the Varsity Volleyball Season


The 2007-2008 Beaver Country Day School varsity volleyball season so far has been impressive compared to years past. Last year, varsity won two games and this year the team has doubled that record with four wins.

The team consists of six starting seniors, one junior, and two sophomores. The captain, Liz Cobb, is a leader both on and off the court, bringing laughs to practice and intensity to games. Additionally, Khadijah Gray has made over 25 kills and 73 attempts, making her the number one hitter on the team. She never lets a block go unblocked or leaves a hit un-hit. Every player has a sense of leadership and teamwork which makes varsity volleyball such an amazing team. “The team is so close it’s unbelievable, I have never been on a team where everyone is friends and gets along so well!” says Brooke Parker, a junior on the team.

The head coach, Aaron Montgomery, pushes the players every day in practice. He encourages them to try their hardest and to work as a team. Aaron also coaches at Northeastern University and is the assistant coach at Newbury College. His knowledge of the sport is extraordinary and he always has a fun drill for the team to try out every practice.

Come out and watch volleyball play in their last game of the season on February 20 at Chapel Hill at 4:30!



  1. I heard you guys made it to the EILs congrats!

  2. yes the varisty team did make it to the EILS! come watch the team at 10:00 at Bancroft on saturaday

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