Posted by: Staff | 02.22.2008

Week in Summary: Feb. 15-22

This was a relatively quiet week for the newspaper. But it was only a 2-day week, and behind the scenes we’ve been hard at work bringing you a print version of the newspaper.

There’s still some good new stuff, though. In Sports, Margaret looked back at the volleyball season. (The team made it to the EILs, by the way; go support them at 10:00 at Bancroft on Saturday!) Marco continued his shoe review series with a look at the Puma Clyde Poison Dart Frog Pack. Toph talked about his love/hate relationship with FirstClass and reeled off 9 tips & tricks to help you make the most of school email. An anonymous writer wrote about why they are now fearless in the latest college essay to be posted. And members of the Beaver community (Maddy, Toph, Mr. Camp and assorted commenters) are talking about last night’s episode of Lost in the first of a new column, Found in Lost: Thoughts on “Eggtown”.

Enjoy your snow day!

Image from Multimedia Gallery


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