Posted by: Staff | 03.03.2008

Fun Day!!!!!!!!!!!


In retrospect, we probably should have realized this was not going to be an average Monday. First off, the teachers were all wearing jeans and sweatshirts, which is normally only allowed on casual Fridays, and the student council was gathered in the balcony during meeting. No one really noticed this, however. We were too preoccupied with the anticipation of our new courses.

Students came to school expecting to receive the exams that they failed, grudgingly start third term classes and get hours and hours of homework. But to everyone’s excitement, IT WAS FUN DAY!!!

Before this was revealed, we sat in suspense while Mr. Manning lamented the loss of his ‘stolen strawberries’ and the punishment that the perpetrator would suffer. After Clay Marsh ‘09 and Sam O’Reilly ’09 were interrogated and snitched on Michael Manning ‘09, Peter Wilmot ’08 informed the student body that it was all a hoax. Instead of reluctantly beginning our third term classes, we were treated to 45 minutes of BAGELS and CAPRI SUNS and then shuttled to Quincy and Somerville for 3 hours of INTENSE CANDLE PIN BOWLING. We enjoyed the funtivities while eating BAG LUNCHES and drinking WATER! We returned to school to watch the faculty TRUMP the seniors in a volleyball match, but they fought hard. Overall, it was a great start to senior slump… I mean… spring term.



  1. You failed to mention Sam Packard’s (illegal) bicycle kick during the volleyball game. Clearly the highlight of the day.

    Or the fact that the poor middle school actually had class… clearly the lowlight of the day….

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