Posted by: Staff | 03.04.2008

Vandalism: Athletic Center’s Sign Missing Letters


Those of you who happened to walk by the entrance to the new athletic center may have noticed a change in the design of the entrance. At first glance I missed the alteration, due to the fact that our school has experienced significant architectural changes lately. However, the change jumped out at me during my second stroll past the entrance on Monday, March 3. The sign above the new building’s main door, usually reading “Athletic Center,” now reads “Athl__ic Center.” Two of the letters (the ‘E’ and the ‘T’) are currently missing from the sign. The reasoning behind this alteration is not clear at this moment, but we at “The Beaver Reader” assume it to be a result of some sort of vandalism. While I hope for another explanation, I currently sit disappointed. Such vandalism shows a complete disrespect for the school’s recent advancements, specifically the $10m project that is the new Athletic Center.

The Reader’s own Maddy Kiefer met with Assistant Athletic Director Matt Thompson today, who confirmed our vandalism theory. Thompson said that the missing letters had to be the result of vandalism, as the letters where made of steel and screwed onto the metal backing of the sign. He also added that the administration is not positive when the vandalism took place.

After doing our own research, we talked to students who remember seeing the letters late last week. “Last week i walked up and i definitely saw the letters. They were right there!” notes senior Sabrina Fiori, who noticed the missing letters on Monday (3/3).

The administration sent out an e-mail to teachers asking for any helpful information, but so far little progress has been made in the search for the culprit.



  1. The E & T are back! 🙂

  2. I thought ET went home. Very sad movie.

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