Posted by: Staff | 03.09.2008

Week in Summary: March 1-7

From Fun Day on Monday, to the Clever Schedule on Tuesday, to the Mind-Bending Schedule on Wednesday (or whatever it was called), to the Sports Dessert on Thursday, this was a pretty busy week. And we at the newspaper were busy finishing off our first print issue, which we are proud to announce hits newsstands Monday.

While the design team worked long hours on that, our writers never took a break. In School Life, Maddy explored the mysterious video that sometimes appears on this web site. She and Taylor then reported on Monday’s Fun Day. On Tuesday, Dan reported on the missing letters on the Athletic Center sign. In Arts and Living, Marco reviewed a new shoe on Sunday. Sarah reported on New York Fashion Week. Dan reported on the Advanced Drama play advancing to the semi-finals of the drama festival. On Friday, Toph shared his thoughts on “The Other Woman”–share your thoughts on Thursday’s episode of Lost in the comments.

In Editorials, Sam O’Reilly explored “Passive Acceptance: Beaver’s Liberal Ideology.” In Sports, Lucas, our first Middle School writer, wrote about the NHL trade deadline. In Current Events, Liz and Gabby reported on Beaver’s recent mock elections. In Fun, Ali introduced “Ask Coop,” our new advice column. And the latest college essay to be posted in the Literary Corner is Laura’s.

P.S. I know we’re a couple days late with the summary, forgive us!


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