Posted by: Staff | 03.11.2008

Print Issue #1 in Summary

Just picked up your copy of our first print issue? If not, we have the full PDF file available right here for download.

Click to download PDF of Volume I, Issue i

You’ll notice that to get the most out of it, you’ll have to venture online. Print just doesn’t have room for all the content and features we have on our web site. So look around, comment on the articles you read, vote in the polls, and let this be your guide.

Front Page
The Fall of the Mixed-Grade Advisory
Defining a Generation
Juno’s Eggo is Preggo

Editorials [p.2-3]
Cliches are the Best Medicine: High School Musical
Youth Demand Change in Upcoming Election
The Fall of the Mixed-Grade Advisory
Defining a Generation

Investigating Beaver’s Fundraising Guidelines
Passive Acceptance: Beaver’s Liberal Ideology

Too Much Homework? [online only]

Current Events [p.3; online only]
Presidential Profiles:
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hillary Clinton

Halo 3

School Life [p.4-5]
Mysteries of Beaver:
The Courtyard of Dead Teachers
The Senior Lounge
The Book Elevator

Oh FirstClass
Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Lieser
Athletic Center Vandalism [online only]

Arts & Living [p.6]
Juno’s Eggo is Preggo
“Gossip Girl” does not live up to expectations but still draws in viewers

New York Fashion Week

Star Wars
BCDS Theater News: Advanced Drama Festival [online only]

Sports [p.7]
A Look Back at the Varsity Volleyball Season
Loss to Kansas Revealing for BC
A Brief Recap of the Girl’s Varsity Basketball Season
Golf team wins EILs
NHL Trade Deadline [online only]

Fun [p.8]
Faculty Wordplay Crossword (answers coming soon)
Math Challenge: ln(bcds)
Fun Day Recap
Ask Coop!
McKinney’s Famous, Chemical, Reese’s Brownies Recipe!
Sam Packard’s Horoscopes [online only]

Aunt Jemima’s ABC’s [online only]


Production on our first print issue started in earnest around Valentine’s Day; it was released on March 10, 2008. We used Adobe InDesign for formatting. The majority of the text is in Adobe Garamond Pro. If you have any feedback, leave it in the comments on this article or email a staff member. We welcome any submission by any member of the community–middle schoolers, upper schoolers, and faculty alike. Thanks for reading!


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