Posted by: Staff | 04.05.2008

Week in Summary: March 15 – April 4

“Wait a second,” you say, “that’s more like three weeks in summary!” Yes, but two were Spring Break, which hardly counts. 🙂 We hope everyone enjoyed their break; we’re respooling now and aim to go out on a high note. If anyone has any suggestions for content to cover, now’s a great time to let us know.

Judging by the news, Tuesday was a chaotic day. A group calling itself OCDS began a revolt against the illegitimate student government, the Red Sox made a surprising deal, the secrets of Dumbledore’s love life were revealed, and the missing tennis courts were found.

In other news, we reported on the Last Night of Ballyhoo, Speed Racer, The Urban Nutcracker, some of Facebook’s new features, and episodes seven and eight of Lost. Also note: Lucas Judson’s comprehensive and in-depth editorial on Dedham; and this historical note on pranks, our sole tribute to April Fools’ Day.


Also notice that the newspaper is now being published under a “Some Rights Reserved” Creative Commons license. Read more here.

Image of Spring Break painting work from


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