Posted by: Staff | 04.08.2008

“You’re a True-oo-oo-oo Friend”


Ed. note: for your own good, we have not embedded the videos in question. They may be found after the break.

I have recently discovered a hidden gem on the internet. No, I didn’t find secret stock tips, or discover who shot JFK. Instead, I found something so much better: Miley and Mandy on Youtube. Many of you (if not all of you) are (or should be) familiar with 15-year-old, Pop star, singing sensation Miley Cyrus. Not only does she have a hit show on the Disney Channel, multiple number one CDs, a 3-D movie, an alter-ego named Hannah Montana and an unbelievably popular concert tour, she also has a new series of videos on Youtube with her “BFF” Mandy.

Mandy, a 20-year-old dancer on Miley’s current tour, has become Miley’s new best friend, replacing Leslie who was immortalized in Miley’s hit song “See You Again.” (In the song Miley references her former BFF Leslie in the chorus). Leslie unfortunately moved back to Tennessee and is probably kicking herself at this very moment. While Mandy (who Miley refers to as “Shmandy” or “Shmand”), like all best friends, gives Miley support and advice, Miley, gives Mandy national fame. In fact, Miley even hooked Mandy up with producers and executives, and sure enough, Mandy is now a member of the girl-group “Beach Girls” (who will begin a tour shortly after the “Meet Miley Cyrus” tour ends). Reportedly, Miley also wrote a song on the Beach Girls upcoming album.

In the famed videos, the stars show that they are just like any other 15 or 20 year-old girl. They laugh at their own jokes, make funny faces at each other, lip-sync (granted, to their own number one hits) and make adorable comments. And, indeed, they are adored. The videos average around 1,000,000 views…EACH.

Take a look at the following videos featuring Shmandy and Shmiley.

The Miley & Mandy Show! Epis. Irrelevant
The Miley and Mandy Show! Jokes
The Miley and Mandy Show! QUESTIONS



  1. Am I the only one who thinks that it is weird that this 15 year old girl’s “BBFL” is 20??

  2. They are only 4.5 years apart as Shmandy is eager to share with viewers of the third video in this article. It is possible that Mandy is only humoring Miley and using her to gain fame. But that would contradict the title of the article. Wouldn’t it?

    It could also be possible that Miley only hangs out with older people. As she doesn’t attend school, her only chance at a best friend is someone who is older.

    Weird? yes. Impossible? I don’t think so.

  3. Does anyone else think that Miley may attend school as her Red Head Alter-ego self Lana Alabama?

  4. Or Jane Maine? Anna Indiana? Lucky Kentucky? Pippi Mississippi?

  5. Alphabetically:

    Lana Alabama
    Kafka (?) Alaska
    Mona Arizona
    Ma Arkansas (as in “mom”)
    Lorna California
    Otto Colorado (male, but whatever)
    Etiquette Connecticut (nickname/pen name)
    Blair Delaware
    Loretta Florida
    Georgia Georgia

    umm… I’ll continue later.

  6. The show was almost called Alexis Texas

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