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BCDS Spring 2008 Sports Preview


Boys Varsity Tennis

Last Season:
The ’07 BCDS Varsity Boys Tennis team was very successful. It had four EIL All-stars, three of which are returning this season. They were co-champions of the EIL, and only lost one match.

Biggest Loss: Graham Loyd. He was not a huge loss, he is the only non-returning.

Biggest Gain: Time to improve. Over the past year, several of the tennis players have been getting better by going to tournaments, clinics, and taking lessons. Pierre Planche ’10 and Lukas Mead ’10, both EIL All-stars, told me that everyone has improved their games since last year.
Strength: The tennis team is still young. Three of the seven starting players are sophomores; one is the number one on the ladder.

Projected Record: 12-1. Almost undefeated last year, this year they are determined to learn minor mistakes and play another almost perfect season.

Girls Junior Varsity Tennis

Last Season: The 2007 season was a building year for Girls Junior Varsity Tennis team. There were many of new tennis players, who had never played tennis before. Though the team only had one win, Hayley Peck ’10 and Brook Marram ’10 both had strong seasons.

Biggest Loss: Peck and Marram. Some experts considered them the best on the team last year and this season they will most likely be moved up to the varsity team.

Biggest Gain: Freshmen. There is a plethora of new freshman on the team, including Nicole Penn and Kasjah Scarlett who are very talented players.

Strength: Depth. The team does not have one stand out player, but will have a strong line up every match.

Projected Record: 6-3. The team looks very strong this year, and will shock everyone with a over 500 average.

Boys Varsity Baseball

Last season: The varsity baseball team had a rough ‘07 season. They had talent but they did not win many games. The team had a lot of talented young players, but unfortunately did not have a successful season.

Biggest Loss: Lamarre Rey. He was the on of the team’s captains for this year and the main pitcher on the team. Rey is currently attending the Pingree school.

Biggest Gain:
Freshmen. There are some skilled freshmen who joined the team this year. The best part about these freshmen is that they will only improve over the next three years.

Strength: Fielding. There are plenty of gifted fielders on the team including infielders Shane Bourque ‘10 and Sam Packard ’08.

Projected Record: 9-6. The team has ten games scheduled for this year on upper-field. Due to fan support they should win almost every one. The team will be looking to prove themselves after last year’s upsetting season.

Girls Varsity Softball

Last season: The team had a challenging season last year with only one win. The team grew and learned from their hardships and should improve this year.

Biggest Loss:
Dayo Oyedele ‘07. She was an overall strong athlete and a team player.

Biggest Gain:
Coach Kaplan. Kaplan, as she told the upper school learned in a Wednesday Forum, played catcher in college. She has a lot of experience playing softball. She plans to share her valuable knowledge with the team this season.

Young, number of team members, lower field. The team is very young which will help them in the upcoming years. There are a lot of young women on the team this year which will keep the team rested. After last year’s construction fiasco, the team kicked Ultimate Frisbee off their turf this spring and will have Lower Field to play on this year.

Projected Record:
6-9. The team will have a rough slow start to the beginning of the season; out of their first six games, only one of them is home.

Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Last season: The team had an average record last year. They were only a par last year and they plan on being an elite team this year. Peter Jackson ‘07, and David Miller ’07 were last year’s captains.

Biggest Loss:
Peter Jackson. He was one of the most skilled players on the team. Jackson was also the leader of their offense. Peter Jackson was the team’s leading goal scorer.

Biggest Gain:
There is no single biggest gain known to the team other than experience. Players have been improving better throughout the last year by going to camps, and playing indoor lacrosse during the winter.

Defense. The defensemen on the team are excellent at playing their position. Jon Paul ’08 is a very devoted player to the team and has greatly improved his strength by wrestling in the winter. The goalies are also very good. Parker Barrell ’10 and Tory Fruciano ’09 are the goalies for the team and have been getting better since last season.

Projected Record:
9-5. The five seniors on the team are extremely devoted and want to prove themselves in their last year with Coach Brooks.

Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Last season:
The ’07 season was a building year for the lacrosse team. They had no wins but improved consistently throughout the season.
Biggest Loss: Molly Swain. Swain was a exceptionally skillful player who was very devoted to the team.

Biggest Gain:
Freshman. There is a new group of freshman to join that have joined the team this year. All of them are eager to play and will aid the team tremendously.

Communication. The team works very hard on communicating to each other during practices, which pays off in their games.

Projected Record:
5-7. With the help of a new coach, is expected to perform better than in the past.

Ultimate Frisbee

Last season:
The ’07 season was a character building year for the Frisbee team. They only had two wins last year, but progressively got better throughout the season.

Biggest Loss:
Will Knight ’07 and Josh Raab ‘07. Will Night was the tallest player on the team and scored the most out of all the players. Josh Raab was captain last year and used his leadership skills to teach the younger players how to play Frisbee.

Biggest Gain:
Coach John Schatz and Chris Rush ‘08. Coach Schatz is a great athlete, and is teaching the team how to keep in shape. He coached cross country in the fall and brings some of his endurance building skills to the Frisbee team. With the loss of Will Knight, the team was without a “big man”. Rush has proven himself during preseason as the team’s newest “big man”. He has a large reach and can jump high as well. Rush is projected to have the most touch downs this year on the Frisbee team.

Heart. The Frisbee team plays with a lot of spirit. Adam Offit ’09 is one of the many devoted players who gives his all every practice and game.

Projected Record:
5-5. The team has a tough schedule playing Gann Academy twice. Based on last year’s final scores against the Gann team (losing by 10 touch downs) these two games will most likely be losses. The team is better than last years team, but will have a slow start because it will take the team a few games to learn how to function together due to limited practice space.



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