Posted by: Staff | 05.01.2008

Where are they now? – Mr. Lenci


Kent Lenci taught 6th Grade Humanities and 7th Grade History at Beaver for several years, in addition to briefly serving as Middle School Dean. He may have left four years ago, but his legacy lives on…

Mr. Lenci sends along this message:

“Anna Soybel’s ceramic pig adorns my window sill at school (yes, I know that she, too, has moved on from the Beav), and Frankie Orangecapris (the attractive, orange rat) hangs from my bulletin board (I believe he was named by the [class of ’07]). I teach seventh grade history and head the social studies department at Brookwood, which is a coed, pre-K through 8 school in Manchester, MA. To most in the Beaver community, it is old news that Jessica Stillman and I were married in July of 2006; to some it may not be.

“I think of you all often! Best wishes to the whole crowd.”

As for anyone wondering about the whereabouts of everyone’s favorite class bird, he says, “I fabricate my own enticing birdseed, which has lured Wheedle from whence he once perched outside my former classroom.”

Don’t worry, I bet he still visits now and then. 🙂 Many thanks to Mr. Lenci for the update!




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