Posted by: Staff | 05.02.2008

A (Rather Long) Day in the Life of the Beaver Girls’ Lacrosse Team


On April 11, after our Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team suffered a loss in our first game of the season, all we wanted to do was go home, eat a big dinner, and forget about the game we just had. Unfortunately for us, fate had something else in store. After driving for about five minutes, our bus broke down in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, a.k.a. No Man’s Land.

Our engine died once we reached the top of a hill on Route 24, and Bruce, our friendly bus driver, informed us that we had to wait for another bus to take us home. It would probably be about two hours before we could head back. Upon hearing this information, everyone looked around uneasily, eyeing the vast swaths of forest and highway and the complete lack of civilization beyond the cars zipping by.

Suddenly, everyone was starving. Regardless of the fact that we had just eaten four packs of Chewy bars, somehow being stranded created a very, very powerful second wave of hunger. As if that weren’t enough, the entire team began to feel claustrophobic, so we filed off the bus and onto the area of grass beside the highway. Jesse Rosenberg ’09 whipped out her phone and insisted that she was going to find a pizza place that would deliver to a deserted bus off of I-95.

Initially, she didn’t have any luck, but she eventually reached Joe from Domino’s. After telling him her entire life story (“So we just were like KILLED in our lacrosse game—we lost like 15-0, it was terrible…. And now we are all SO HUNGRY and we have been here for hours and we really need food!”), she finally convinced him that he had to deliver to us for the sake of our well-being. My bet is that we were the only business they had that night—plus, we were ordering five pizzas, and an order that size had probably come along twice in Portsmouth history.

Everyone relaxed once Joe told us it would be about 45 minutes until the food arrived. We began playing some of our typical team bonding games, one of which included people screaming “HIIIYAAAA!” at random intervals. This, of course, caused some passing commuters to stare—as if 17 girls in skirts stranded on the side of the highway wasn’t strange enough already.

We grew bored of “hiya,” so we started waving at cars and trying to get trucks to honk their horns, but this decision was a big mistake. A few teammates (who will remain anonymous) decided to wave frantically at an ambulance as it passed. No more than five minutes later, two police cars arrived on the scene. Turns out the ambulance called for backup. They thought we were medically impaired, and Officer Brian Peters told us that “an emergency was no laughing matter.” But it was clear that, like Joe from Dominoes, Brian had nothing better to do that night, and he stayed long enough for Laura Bulkeley ’08 to snap a picture of him.

We continued to play games after Brian left, but it started to get a little chilly as the sun began to set. When Dominic, another employee of Domino’s, delivered our pizza and cinnamon sticks, we all layered up (including Alex Strawbridge ’10, who wore Bruce’s giant Red Sox jacket, and Nicole Cassels ’08, who wore Ms. Anderson’s sweatpants) and ate in a “progressive” circle on the side of the highway.

After two and a half hours of excitement, Steve finally arrived with our new bus. After giving him a newspaper and some pizza to eat while he waited for the tow truck to come, the entire team (including Bruce, who would stay our loyal and loving bus driver) migrated to the new bus and began our two hour trek back to Beaver. Bruce entertained us by giving a fully detailed account on how he became a bus driver. Apparently, as the football team’s captain, he was the most popular guy in school, and went on to fight in the Vietnam War before creating a cement company with his brother. After his brother passed away five years ago, he closed the company and decided to have pizza parties on the side of the road with awesome teams like ours.

Eventually, after a very long and certainly eventful evening, we returned to Beaver. Although it wasn’t exactly the Friday night that everyone expected to have, it was definitely something that the team will remember for years to come. We slept easy that night knowing that we gave the town of Portsmouth the most exciting night they’ve had in a long, long time.

Further reading:
Wikipedia entry on the glorious town of Portsmouth, RI

Thanks to Ms. Anderson and Laura Bulkeley for the photos!


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