Posted by: Staff | 05.07.2008

Mr. Greenberg’s Seventh Grade Class Tackles "Movie Madness"

LUCAS JUDSON ’13 (middle school)

Editor’s note: Every year, Mr. Greenberg’s seventh grade class undertakes a moviemaking project. You can see Diego Fiori’s film from last year on YouTube.

Summer Love is perhaps the greatest movie of its sort I have ever had the good fortune to see. This magical film is about one child, Jem Finch and Rosemary Harris during the summer after the incident with Boo Radley and Jem breaking his arm. Rosemary comes to Maycomb County instead of Dill and Jem is immediately entranced by her elegant beauty. Written by Harry Polstein and directed by Natiah Camillo. Vote for Summer Love at the seventh grade movie madness festival.

Editor’s note: As a bonus, since Lucas’ articles run a little short, here is another piece by Mr. Judson:

Hi, it’s Lucas Judson here with my weekly column. I will take Steven Manwaring’s advice and write an article about him. Steven Manwaring, as you may know, is an amazing guitarist, and he broke his wrists last week. That truly is pathetic, but not quite as bad as doing that on a Wii, or even a regular video game.


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