Posted by: Staff | 05.14.2008

Relive Monday’s election speech highlights

Here’s a very, very abbreviated version of Monday’s speeches, focusing on some of the funnier moments. There’s some amazing stuff that had to get cut, so if people are interested we can post some more, but YouTube holds you to 10 minutes.

Andrew Garcia–overrepresented much? Oh well. 🙂



  1. Thats really not cool how you cut out raina!

  2. they cut out all the parts that weren’t funny, like all of ali’s speech, all of cala’s speech, most of sowande’s speech, and all of gilas, kats, jeremys, as well as raina. so your comment is ridiculous.

  3. We literally couldn’t include one second more, because again, 10 minutes is the YouTube limit. But you’re absolutely right, we cut out a ton of great stuff. But editing takes time, and we wanted to get some video online as quickly as possible.

    Raina got especially little time, which was really just bad luck with the way the sentence breaks happened to happen in her speech. But her entire speech will go online later tonight. This video was just the beginning. 🙂

  4. Ta-da–every winner, including Raina, now has his/her full speech online. 🙂 See here:

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