Posted by: Staff | 05.18.2008

Week in Summary: May 10-16

This past week was busy: the Wilmot administration handed over the reins to the Jacques administration, and the Upper School production of Dreamgirls went up. In Beaver Reader news, the biggest story was our coverage of the election, which drew record numbers to the site. We’ll continue our reporting through class elections, so stay tuned. In the mean time, check out photos, video, and results (with more video).

Toph, that slacker, finally updated his trivia column. Ask Coop also got a second installment–be sure to leave your questions in the comments! Beeny wrote about the Girls Lacrosse team’s first victory in 3 years, and she and Sara wrote about the Kanye West concert. Finally, Michael issued an update to his scathing vending machine article.

P.S. Anyone see the new Narnia? What’d you think? So-so, I thought…

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  1. Elliot put up three videos from the show (look under the username Taniith) if you want to post them.

  2. Good call. I just added them to the main playlist. When we get a Dreamgirls article up, we’ll put them there too…

  3. I expect to be cited when you do post that article…

  4. Naturally. 🙂

  5. Do you just sit here and watch the comments or something?

    Also, there’s now a playlist of all the videos (16 or something) FYI

  6. Haha no, but I get all comments emailed to me, and I *do* sit listening for that wonderful little ‘ding’. 🙂

    And yeah, I saw the playlist. Quite comprehensive!

  7. There could be more, but after my camera’s battery died Friday while I was recording the disco (the one scene I brought the camera for) I started being conservative with my recording

  8. Well, there’s always the DVD.

  9. I’m not a fan of that guy’s recordings… something about changing VHS tapes in the middle of big numbers and such……

    And then there’s the price tag.

  10. True–but I think he had two cameras going, so presumably he staggers them so they don’t run out of tape at the same time.

    But I do like the balcony view.

    As for price, also true, but these things are meant to be shared, no? 🙂

  11. Ok, what order to respond in. First, the two cameras thing: only one of them is for video. The second camera is just for sound, and is the reason I started disliking his videos; in the middle of the Hedwig video, you can hear the crackling of the tape shrink rap being opened (louder than the music), then it switches to uber low quality video from the second camera for a minute.

    Second, every year he asks if he can record from the balcony, and every year I… erm, we tell him no since the show is set up to be best viewed from the floor. Though now that I see that its actually a nice view, maybe I’ll record my own version from the balcony and sell it the next time I get hired back. ;D

    Ok, time to go be productive or something

  12. Hmm… interesting. What about getting the sound straight from the mics? Or is that too big a hassle?

    As for balcony vs. floor, I suppose they each have their advantages.

    (And yeah, I might want to look into that whole “productivity” thing, too…)

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