Posted by: Staff | 05.23.2008

BREAKING NEWS: Class Office Election Results

Class office election results are in. We also have an ever-growing collection of interviews with the winners.

Class of 2009 (Seniors-to-be)
President: Dani Lubin-Levy
Vice President: Rafael Cabral
Treasurer: Michael Firer

Class of 2010 (Juniors-to-be)
President: Joanna Georgakas
Vice President: Willy Tucker
Treasurer: Diallo Spears

Class of 2011 (Sophomores-to-be)
President: Taylor Pierce
Vice President: Tiesha Pough
Treasurer: Kirsten Gute

Congratulations to our new student government!



  1. Congratulations to everyone (including Class of ’11 president Taylor Pierce. It’s a great group of officers. My challenge to all elected officers and to all in grades 9-11 who have worked on The Beaver Reader: You have a responsibility to build upon the exceptional work of this year’s staff. The senior leadership has created something really remarkable for Beaver. You owe it to them and the school to maintain the same high standards for The Beaver Reader.

    Happy Summer,

    Mr. Hutton

  2. Thanks Mr. Hutton, and thanks for the reminder to add Taylor. We’d always love to see more participation from Student Council; we’ve tried in the past to do weekly SC meeting notes, and it’d be great to see that catch on.

    Best of luck to all of you! I’m excited to see where you go with all this.

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