Posted by: Staff | 06.06.2008

Acta est Fabula

Over the past couple weeks, our output has dwindled as we devoted more and more of our energies to putting out our second print issue. With the lower grades embroiled in their examinations, there was no one to pick up the slack. The site has been sort of quiet for a while now, and we apologize for that. But we think the print issue is worth it.

I missed a couple Week in Reviews, so here we go. There’s our Ali Cooper / Piers Turner Student Spotlight, and… well… wait a second… that’s it.

But there are tons of articles in our print issue that we haven’t yet published online. We’ll get around to that soon; in the mean time, check out the digital version of our print issue:

Click to download PDF of Vol. I, No. 2.

You may notice some changes around here over the next few months. The transition to the second TBR administration is going to be a little rough, but we have confidence in our staff and in our school; we are Beaver Reader Believers. What you’ve seen this year is just the beginning, just a test run; the future is bright. But we need your help for that. Please, contact Christopher Tucker ’08 (that’s me, aka Toph) if you’re at all interested. Check back often in the graduation aftermath, and have a great summer.

Fare thee well, Class of 2008. See you in another life… brotha.


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