Posted by: Staff | 09.18.2008

Carrie’s Top Five


My name is Carrie Widmer and I’m a member of the junior class. Each week I will put up a section called Top 5. I will rank different subjects accordingly and come up with the Top 5 of each. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me at

This Week: Top 5 Places To Work

1. Library cubicles
2. Graphics lab
3. Computer lab
4. Bau’s room
5. Alex Cohn terrace

Old Top 5’s….

Top 5 Lunches
1. Mexican (tacos, quesadillas, nachos)
2. Chicken patties
3. Hamburgers
4. Brunch (french toast sticks, eggs)
5. Pasta with meatballs



  1. this is completely bogus!!
    first off chicken patties is the best especially because we have it every other week now
    brunch lunch happens once a year and even still if the french toast sticks are made right then the lunch is ruined, so brunch lunch should not be on this list but the list for the top five lunches that happen once a year
    tacos are good but number one, i really don’t think so. making a taco and or burrito takes to much work and time, taco are also messy which is not good and the taco meat belongs in the beaver mystery section

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