Posted by: Staff | 09.18.2008

Player Profile: Gabe Reich


The player profile section of the newspaper is a great way to learn more about BCDS athletes. The players featured in this section will be asked the same ten questions about the sport they play at Beaver.

The first player profile is of Gabe Reich. Gabe is a senior and has been a captain of varsity soccer for the past two year. Through his leadership and skills, he plans on leading the Boys Varsity Soccer team to a winning season this fall.

TS: When did you start playing soccer?
GR: I started playing soccer when I was four years old. My dad would pass me the ball and I would kick it back to him in the air. TS: What position do you play for Beaver?
GR: I play sweeper at the moment, but I could also be playing striker, center mid, or outside mid.

TS: When did you start to become the player you are today?
GR: Ever since I started being a leader on my Brookline travel team in seventh grade where I would play with the eighth graders, I would always have an important role on the team.

TS: Are you playing this sport outside of school, if so what team?
GR: At the moment I am not on a team, but I am looking to join one for the spring.

TS: Is this your favorite sport to play?
GR: Yes, this is the only sport I play.

TS: Is this your favorite spectator sport?
GR: Yes, I enjoy watching the English league and the Italian league.

TS: What professional soccer team would you play for if you had the choice?
GR: Manchester United.

TS: Is there a particular professional athlete that plays in a similar fashion as you?
GR: Yes, Gattuso on AC Milan.

TS: Who has been the most influential coach, player, or family member on your soccer career?
GR: My parents who started my career when I was four.

TS: Do you see this sport in your future in any way?
GR: Yes, I plan on playing in college. Right now, I am hoping to play on Wheaton next fall.

We look forward to see how Gabe performs during his last season at Beaver. Hopefully one day we will be wearing Reich Manchester United jerseys. Good luck to you Gabe in the up coming years!


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