Posted by: Staff | 09.19.2008

Ask Coop is Back!

Hello, fellow students. It’s a new school year, which means we’re all simmering with summer stories, curiously crowded with questions, and dying to divulge new drama. Ask Coop is back and better than ever. Post your questions, you little advice-seekers, you!



  1. Dear Coop,
    I am horribly politically unaware and surrounded by insanely opinionated people. All I do is sit back and nod (and then quickly change my expression and shake my head when everyone else gets enraged). I want to become more informed but every time I try to educate myself my eyes glaze over with boredom. What should I do?

    Puzzled over politics

  2. Hi Coop,
    I hooked up with this guy who I was really good friends with. He was very persistent in pursuing me. We hooked up for a little while but I don’t really see him as more than a friend. I always chicken out when it comes time to break the news I don’t want to do the whole cliched “I don’t want to ruin our friendship” but thats how i truly feel. Gah!

    What should I do?

    Frustrated More-than-Friend

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