Posted by: Staff | 09.23.2008

Mr. Touchdown- Waiver Students


Few know what a “sports waiver” is, and even fewer know about the students who have them here at Beaver. A waiver allows students to get credit for an afterschool activity outside of school for the term. Usually students apply for a waiver because they have an outside of school commitment that interferes with afterschool activities. This column exposes the hidden waiver students here at BCDS.
The weekend is a time for fun, parties, and other social events. Friday nights and Saturdays are occupied with friends and family enjoying each other’s company doing a number of activities. Sunday, on the other hand is usually spent preparing and resting for the long week ahead and relaxing. But for one student in the Beaver community, relaxation is the last thing on his mind when Sunday morning rolls in.

Kendall Dardy-Jones wakes up early each fall Sunday and suits up to play an exhilarating game of football. Kendall is one of the few students who has a waiver this term, which allows him to be fully committed to his favorite sport. Kendall has been given a waiver each fall to play football, but this year is different for Kendall, and he is working harder than ever before to make his football dream a reality.
Kendall Dardy-Jones is a quick and agile sophomore. He is around five foot six inches and 125 pounds; despite his size he is still very strong. He also participates in school athletics; Kendall is a talented point guard who was a leading scorer on the thirds basketball team last year. He aspires to become a large part of the varsity basketball team in the coming years; you can find him in the gym each day taking practice shots and honing his skills. He is also one of the most talented young lacrosse players at Beaver, and will be an asset to the team this year.
Kendall is undoubtedly a proficient athlete, but his abilities did not come from pure talent. Kendall is die-hard dedicated. He has always done little things to become stronger and faster than his competition on game day. Each day he performs drills, does exercises and runs. His determination and persistent work has increased his strength and improved his speed tremendously.
But this year Kendall is taking his training and his game to the next level working out daily and putting in his greatest amount of effort to improve his skills both on and off the football field. Kendall is the starting running back for the 2008 Boston Bangals football team. He has worked vigorously because he is determined to help his team make it to the playoffs, something he has never experienced in his still-young career. Kendall has a long year ahead of him, but he is confident in his skills and sure his team is capable of fighting their way into the state playoffs. Until then, we can only wait until Sunday.



  1. Kendall didn’t look to “agile” or “fast” when his flag football team got SMOKED on friday………. 🙂

    I joke. Kids got talent!!

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