Posted by: Staff | 09.23.2008

Player Profile: Lily Moore


During summer play, Lily Moore reinjured her shins which have caused her to miss some of the Girls Varsity Soccer team’s season. Lily, as a junior, is one of the captains on the team. Even though she cannot play, Lily is consistently helping her teammates get better at the great game of soccer.

TS: When did you start to play this sport?
LM: I started playing this sport when I was five. Originally, I started playing when I was three, but they kicked me off the team because I didn’t pass the ball. They said it was better for me to wait until I was a little older, so I started playing again when I was five.

TS: What position would you player for Beaver if you weren’t hurt?
LM: Striker.

TS: When did you start to become the player you are today?
LM: Probably when I was eight and I started playing seriously. I tried out for a travel team, and I started playing for the Bolts (a club soccer team).

TS: Are you playing this sport outside of school, and if so what team?
LM: Not right now. I will be playing on a Newton travel team in the spring. I used to play for the Bolts.

TS: Is this your favorite sport to play?
LM: Definitely.

TS: Is this your favorite spectator sport?
LM: No, I like to watch tennis.

TS: If you could play for a professional soccer team, what team would you play for?
LM: The United States Women’s National Team.

TS: Is there a particular professional soccer player who plays in a similar fashion as you?
LM: My favorite player is Christine Lilly who I met when I was in second grade. And I actually got to have a private session with her and learn some of her moves. She is the captain of the United States Women’s National Team and plays striker. On her team they call her “Iron Woman”.

TS: Who has been the most influential family member, coach, or player in your soccer career?
LM: The most influential coach was my coach on my Newton team named Errol Smerkel. And he was the reason I switched from playing Bolts to Newton travel. I liked Errol better as a coach than my Bolts coach. Aril played on the Nigerian national team and was the captain on the team for three years.

TS: Do you see soccer in your future in anyway?
LM: I hope so, if my shins get better. It is all up to what my body can take.

TS: Do you have any goals for the team this year?
LM: Trying our hardest and putting every ounce of energy on the field that we can. I think this year is really a building year for us, especially our fitness level.

Best of luck to Lily in the upcoming weeks, and let us hope she has a quick recovery so we get a chance to see her play this fall.



  1. lily is hot

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