Posted by: Staff | 09.25.2008



On September 24, the 2008 BCDS girl’s varsity soccer team played an unbelievable game against Berwick Academy. Coming into the came the team was 0-3 and was extremely motivated to win. Within the first 25 minutes Olivia Dynan scored the first goal of the season. At that moment everyone was so excited, and wanted to keep the lead.

There was great playing all around the field. The defense was preventing the opponents from shooting, but when they did get a shot Ibbie Yardley, our goalie, was saving everything. There were many shots taken but at the end of the first half the score remained 1-0. Anticipating that the other team would come out strong at the beginning of the second half, we did the same. Trying as much as possible to keep the ball out of our side we succeeded in not letting in any goals.

There were many shots taken on both sides of the field but at the end of the game we won 1-0. This was the first win for BCDS girl’s varsity soccer in 2 years, and everyone was thrilled to announce it. We hope our season continues with a few more wins, and are very happy that all the hard work we have put in so far had begun to pay off.


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