Posted by: Staff | 09.26.2008

The Cooking Corner: Flippin’ Burgers


The Phantom Gourmet is so overrated. It is time for a new era; where three brilliant Beaver students with extraordinary taste buds take the reins of critiquing into their own hands. Throughout the year Kirsten Gute, Kat Rosenthal, and Sabrina Brown will be turning your savory glands onto the tasty sensations of the best cuisines in town.

The smell of fried deliciousness tickles your nostrils as you walk down the street. My tongue begins to salivate as I think about my medium rare hamburger drenched in the special house dressing and a thin slice of white American cheese. As I open the southern screen patio door and step over the threshold into Flippin’ Burger, Bert, the owner greets me with “Hello Katherine five, what can I get you today? Who are your friends? By the way, how is Katherine four?” I tell him that my friends are Kirsten and Beeny and that my mother is just ducky. I walk towards the counter and giggle with glee as I reach for the burger list and begin to make my decision.

Peering at the multiple choices of burgers on the menu, I look over at Beeny who’s making a face of straight amazement and fear. Quickly, it occurs to me that she has never seen a menu full of burgers before. As I prepare myself to describe to her the different kinds of delightfulness each burger would have on her taste buds, she turns away, and interrupts my sentence to order a plain burger with Swiss cheese. Excited that she was going to taste the softest, most delicious, burger she has ever had, I quickly ordered my normal Mexican burger and sit down to prepare Kirsten and Beeny for our astounding meal.

We all wait impatiently at our small round table for juicy and wonderful burgers that Flippin’ has to offer. It feels like it is taking forever, but in reality, there’s only a very short wait, yet another reason to try out this special place. Finally Bert arrives with our meals and I can’t wait to see Beeny’s reaction to the best burger she has yet to taste. As Bert passes her the burger, the waft of the spicy sweet home dressing enters my nose and I can hardly wait to get my own. We all look at each other as if to count off, 1-2-3. It is silent for a moment but I hope that is because of great joy. And it was! We all agree that these burgers are absolutely amazing. Beeny finally knows what she’s been missing this past year and a half or so. Kirsten and I are proud that we are the ones who introduced her to this amazing experience. I think I can speak for Kirsten and Beeny when I say, if you haven’t tasted Flippin’ Burger, you’ve definitely been flippin’ out.


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