Posted by: Staff | 10.05.2008

Player Profile: Sabrina (Beeny) Brown


Sabrina Brown, known as Beeny by her friends, has helped lead the Girls Varsity Field hockey to an excellent start to the season. She has been on the varsity team for the past three years and has high hopes for her final field hockey season at Beaver.

TS: When did you start playing this sport?
SB: Freshman year

TS: What position do you play at Beaver?
SB: Center Mid

TS: When did you start to become the player you are today?
SB: The way I play has pretty much always been sprinting to the ball. I am naturally a sprinter, so I have always played this way. Right now my stick skills are not that good, but the coaches this year are really helping me with that this year.

TS: Are you playing field hockey outside of school?
SB: No

TS: Is this your favorite sport to play?
SB: No, this is my second favorite. My first is lacrosse.

TS: Is this your favorite spectator sport?
SB: Yes, I like watching men play. I watched men’s field hockey in the Olympics and it is a whole different game.

TS: Is there a particular Beaver alum that you play similar to you?
SB: Molly Swain.

TS: Who has been the most influential coach, player, or parent during field hockey career?
SB: My freshman year coach Jen. She coached my freshman and sophomore year at Beaver for field hockey and lacrosse. She was probably the best coach I ever had.

TS: Do you see this sport in your future in any way?
SB: I might play in college as a walk on. I am not good enough to get recruited but I am definitely going to try and play because I like playing field hockey.

TS: Do you have any goals, as captain, for the field hockey team this year?
SB: Yes, I want to have a 70% winning record, so winning a little more than half. We have playing well so far, so hopefully this happens.

Some tough upcoming games include matches against Newton Country Day and Dana Hall. The Varsity Field Hockey team definitely has their work cut out for them. With help from a passionate team captain and midfielder, Beeny Brown, we hope that the team achieves greatness.


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