Posted by: Staff | 10.05.2008

Year 2 so far

(Oh, and if you notice an imbalance… well, look. We could use more writers with wider interests, okay? Science, art, politics… come on… there’s more to life than sports.)

School Life
Here Come the SAT’s (or, SAT: Easy As 1, 2, 3?), by Jake Kringdon

Arts + Living
The Cooking Corner, Flippin’ Burgers, by Kirsten Gute, Kat Rosenthal, and Sabrina Brown



Flirting With First, by Stephanie Gray

Manny Being… Pedro?, by Stephanie Gray
Girls Varsity Soccer Beats Berwick, by Gabby Gutman
Field Hockey: Season Preview, by Jehane Samaha
On It With Offit: Canned by the Tuna, by Adam Offit
BCDS Welcomes New Athletics Director: Coach Levin!, by Emily Belowich
Player Profile: Lily Moore, Tyler Starr
Mr. Touchdown: Waiver Students, by Sebby Smith
Player Profile: Gabe Reich, by Tyler Starr

Never Fear! Dear Coop Responses Are Here!,
by Ali Cooper
Mimi’s Phrase of the Week, by Myriam Piquant
I Declare It Time For Random Awesome Things, by Michael Firer
Ask Coop is Back!, by Ali Cooper
Carrie’s Top Five, by Carrie Widmer

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