Posted by: Staff | 10.20.2008

Player Profile: Max Campion ’09

Little is known about the Varsity Golf team at Beaver Country Day School except that they are undefeated and have won the EIL Championship for the past three years. Coach McKinney has led the team to success year after year. A major factor of the team’s success is the number one golfer on the team Max Campion. Since Max was in seventh grade, he has been apart of the team.

TS: When did you start playing golf?

MC: I started playing golf when I was five years old. The school made an exception for me, I’ve been on the golf team since I was in seventh grade.

TS: What seed are you on the golf team?

MC: I am currently the first and I have been since I was an eighth grader.

TS: When did you start to develop into the golfer you are today?

MC: I started played golf when I was young. When I was ten, I started going to tournaments. By the time I was twelve, golf was all I did in the summer. I found some success with it, and all the sudden that was my life. I was competing in national tournaments and traveling around the country by fourteen and fifteen. I was getting national rankings, and I got some very good results.

TS: Are you playing golf outside of school?

MC: I mostly play golf outside of school. I have a lot of fun playing golf at Beaver, but colleges look at how you play in national tournaments which are very hard to get into.

TS: Is golf your favorite sport to play?

MC: By far.

TS: Do you think golf is a good spectator sport?

MC: It is not the best spectator sport especially for high school. It is very hard to get fans to come to our matches and follow us around. I wish more people could come out and support us, but the few that do come out have a fun time.

TS: Is there a particular professional golfer that has a similar golf game as you?

MC: Tiger Woods, no just joking. I would say Aaron Baddeley.

TS: Who has been the most influential player, family member, or coach on your golf career?

MC: My dad, even though he is not a big golfer. When I was young, he took me out to the driving range and then it was my own thing from there. He introduced me to the game, and he opened me up to lessons and tournaments.

TS: Do you see golf in your future in any way?

MC: I am hoping to play golf in college next year. After college, I am thinking of trying out for the PGA tour. I want to go to a college that will give me a good education if my professional golf career does not work out.

TS: As one of the captains of the team, do you have any goals for this golf season?

MC: Yes, we all have goals on the team. We have one the league champion ship seven out of the last eight years and would like to win that again. We are also trying to go undefeated throughout our season, which we did two years ago. So far we have not lost a game, so we are on our way to an undefeated season if the rest of the season goes our way.

With five matches, including a double header vs. LCA and Pingree, and a tournament left for the golf team to play, the Varsity Golf team is ready to rise to be the top ranked team of the EIL. Campion has his last home match at Beaver against LCA on Friday, October 17th. Hopefully twenty years from now, we will be spending our Sunday afternoons watching Max play golf with a very old Tiger Woods.


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