Posted by: Staff | 10.22.2008

On It With Offit: Week 6 Overview

Chargers’ High Voltage Too Much For Pats: 10-30 

On a hazy evening in Southern Qualcomm Stadium, located in the scenic bottom-left corner of our nation, the San Diego Chargers made like the Energizer Bunny. They found what was working for them, and they kept going, and going, and going. The Chargers identified the Patriots’ weaknesses and exploited them like a republican politician to a middle class citizen. The Chargers are known throughout the league for having some of the tallest receivers (starting three Wide Receivers: 6’5″, 6’5″, and 6’3″). The Patriots’ defensive backs (starting 3 Cornerbacks: 5’9″, 5’11″, and 5’9″) literally couldn’t stand up against the Chargers’ wide-outs. With these match-ups, Phillip Rivers put on a passing clinic, going 18/27 with 306 yards and three touchdowns. However, The Patriots’ run defense looked solid, holding NFL all-star Ladanian Tomlinson to only 74 yards (3.7 yards per carry).

New England didn’t do much to help themselves offensively either. While Matt Cassel put together a few drives that looked promising, the Patriots couldn’t turn them into points. The Pats couldn’t even score on four consecutive plays from the Chargers’ two-yard line. The Chargers’ defense blitzed all night long, leaving Cassel confused and pressured throughout the entire game. The entire offensive unit looked bland, and one can only pray that we don’t see a performance like that again for the rest of the season.

My MVP of the game: I’m tempted to give this award to John Madden, because besides looking good in general, he called a great game and was having an exceptional hair day. However, this award is strictly for players, so I must give it to Jerod Mayo. The rookie linebacker from Tennessee was all over the field last night. Mayo showed off his quickness and brute strength in a successful effort to slow down the Chargers’ running game.

Up Next: The Patriots head back to Foxboro to face the 4-2 Denver Broncos under the lights of Monday Night Football. The Broncos opened up the season going 3-0, but have struggled since then. This AFC West powerhouse will be a true test for the Pats.


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