Posted by: Staff | 11.07.2008

Monster Golf



We recently journeyed to Monster Golf, located on rt. 1 in Norwood. We had heard about this supposedly spectacular mini golf place from a friend, and thought we should try it out. Although the exterior is dingy and dark, the inside is quite different. Inside, the decorations (including many obscure obstacles through the course) and walls were vibrant, complete with black lights and neon paint. Although the staff working there was unfriendly and kicked us out because we were cutting close to their closing time, Monster Golf was worth the trouble. When we started the golf course, we encountered various mechanical creatures. Some were terrifying, while others were not. In the middle of the room, there is a box. Frequently and without warning, the box would start shaking and growling. We soon learned that none of our companions were particularly skilled in the golf field. (In fact, we had to cheat to even get the ball in the hole a couple times.) Although we had a lot of fun trying to get as many hole-in-ones as possible, we failed miserably. In the end, our skills may not have improved, but the hour and a half that we spent missing the ball and hitting the ball so hard that it hopped over to other holes was worth the $7.50, the freakishly weird mechanical monsters and the 30 minute drive . Monster Golf is a great place to go on weekends with your friends, family, or by yourself if you want to get looked at like you have 5 heads. If we were to give Monster Golf a star rating, we would say 4.5 stars. The extra .5 star is lost due to the fake mechanical creatures scattered throughout the interior of the building.



  1. This is thoroughly ridiculous:

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