Posted by: Staff | 11.07.2008

On It With Offit: Patriots Week 8


(Kevin Faulk catches the winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter over Rams Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa)

(Kevin Faulk catches the winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter over Rams Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa)


The Rams season started even more disastrously than how the Polish army began against Germany in 1939.

In St. Louis’ first four games they recorded a 0-4 record before firing their head coach, Scott Linehan. Going into Sunday’s game, Jim Haslett was 2-0 as the Rams head coach. The high-flying Rams came into Foxboro at 4-2, but even their strong momentum wasn’t enough to bring down the soaring Pats. Matt Cassel was cool-as-a-cucumber in the pocket, throwing for 267 yards and a touchdown. The Patriots’ running game wasn’t as potent as last week, due to the absence of Laurence Maroney(out for the season), Sammie Morris and Lamont Jordan. Due to the Running Backs’ injuries, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Kevin Faulk were forced to become the primary ball carriers. Green-Ellis ran for a touchdown while Faulk averaged 4.5 yards per carry. On the other side of the field, the Rams were without stud Running Back Steven “Action” Jackson, forcing Antonio Pittman to take the starting role. The Wide Receivers made the big plays they needed to, as Wes Welker and Randy Moss caught 7 passes each, including several clutch third down receptions.

Defensively, the Patriot let up a few long plays while their third down defense was less-than-stellar. Other than that, the Patriots’ defense was as stout as a cement mixer, constantly putting pressure on Rams Quarterback, Marc Bulger, and the St. Louis receivers. Only allowing six points in the second half, the Patriots defense recorded four sacks and one interception. The Rams did a little to help themselves committing nine penalties for 63 yards, while the Patriots played the first game in franchise history with no penalties! It wasn’t a beautiful win, but the Patriots made enough plays to come out of this one with a W.


My MVP of the game: Similarly to last week, I feel like there are many players, both offensive and defensive, worthy of this award. I was tempted to give it to Kevin Faulk, but there was one player, more of an unsung hero, whose defensive performance was invaluable to the team’s victory. Richard Seymour created trouble for St. Louis offensive linesman all day long, and recorded seven tackles and a sack while wreaking havoc on the line of scrimmage. Seymour is the second defensive player to win the award.


Up Next: The NFL’s biggest modern rivalry? The Pats square off with the Colts on Sunday Night in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. Last year, the Patriots and Colts regular season showdown was titled “Super Bowl 41.5,” featuring the best combined record between two teams at that rate in the season. The Colts have disappointed spectators this season, blaming their 3-3 records on injuries and the stock market. Frankly, those Colts fans are a bunch of whiners.



  1. Can the Patriots make the playoffs with Cassel, or win it all?

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