Posted by: Staff | 12.03.2008

On It With Offit: Patriots Week 9 Overview

Careful Colts Squeeze One Out- With A Little Help: 15-18
(Colts wide receiver, Anthony Gonzalez (11), beat Patriots rookie cornerback, Jonathan Wilhite (24), for his first of two touchdowns of the night)

(Colts wide receiver, Anthony Gonzalez (11), beat Patriots rookie cornerback, Jonathan Wilhite (24), for his first of two touchdowns of the night)

The last few Colts vs. Pats match-ups have drawn more viewers than some Super Bowls. Last year, their regular season contest in week 9 was nicknamed “Super Bowl 41 and a half.” However, this year’s game was less hyped because of Tom Brady’s absence, and because the Colts terrible record, which further leads to their fans being a bunch of cry-babies. Personally, I think the Patriots outplayed the Colts on many levels, both offensively and defensively. The Patriot’s offense moved up and down the field with ease, although once again, failed to capitalize on multiple scoring opportunities. Matt Cassel, 25/34, 204 yards 1 interception, seems to be improving every week as the leader of the Patriots offense. Once again, despite the deficiency of Patriots’ running backs, Kevin Faulk and BenJarvus Green-Ellis stepped up to the plate. Green-Ellis had the Patriots only touchdown while Faulk averaged six yards per carry. The Patriots adequate offense performance was tainted by Jabar Gaffney dropped pass in the third quarter. Every fan that watched that game would probably agree that the Family Guy character with tree branches for arms could’ve caught that ball.

Defensively, the Patriots shined, allowing only 18 points. The Patriots’ run defense (only letting up 47 yards) allowed rushing yards at the same rate Mr. Hutton allows Snow days. It was Peyton Manning that burned the Patriots inexperienced secondary by throwing for 254 yards and two touchdowns with only eight incompletion’s. The Patriots achilles heal proved to be their defensive backfield once again as the Colts’ pass-happy offense was their key to success. Anthony Gonzalez led the Colts’ receivers with four catches including two touchdowns.

With all the statistical jargon out of the way, lets talk about the zebras. There have only been three times in my entire life where I have felt the officials gave the Patriots opponent a noticeable advantage. The 2007 AFC Championship game against the Colts in 2007, the Patriots’ regular season game against the Colts in 2007, and last Sundays game. The Colts’ wide receivers were performing illegal crossing routes, initiating offensive pass interference, which went unnoticed by the referees all night long, causing me to scream and squirm on my coach and bite the visor of my hat.

My MVP of the game: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the first two-time winner of the MVP award. Jerod Mayo! Mayo was a force to be reckoned with as he collected eight tackles and was a huge part of the Patriots’ stout run defense.

Up Next: Accounting that loss, the Patriots’ put themselves in a three-way tie for first place with the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. Next week, the Patriots will battle for first place against the Bills in Gillette. The Bills have fallen victim to the Patriots in their last nine meetings, but this year the Bills appear to be much more competitive. With both teams at 5-3, this is turning out to be an epic match-up.


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