Posted by: Staff | 12.11.2008

Gregg Gillis Who?


Girl Talk on Stage

Gregg Gillis Performs on Stage, accompanied by his laptop.

On Friday, November 14th at the new Showcase Live venue at Patriots’ Place, after “The Death Set” performed (or, as I like to call it, “screamed into the microphone and wasted both time and space”), Gregg Gillis, also known as “GIRL TALK,” threw the best concert I have ever been to . Showcase Live is just the place for a small concert… or your younger brother’s Bar Mitzvah. It has a giantdance floor, table booths on either side, a bar in the back, and a big stage. Showcase Live has become a sensational venue for a small virtually unknown band to perform.

Girl Talk, for those of you who don’t know, is a one man band that combines samples of different songs together. This music could in no way fall under only one genre of music. It is very difficult to assign a genre to Girl Talk; some say “a continuous string of different computerized mash ups.” In recent years, Girl Talk has achieved its popular, cult-ish status by performing at colleges across the country as well as releasing three successful albums. He remixes different songs together, and at concerts, he is alone on stage with his computer. Girl Talk’s latest album, Feed the Animals, was released this past summer, and some have declared it his best work. I was introduced to him by my older brother, who has seen Girl Talk in concert four times and has met Gregg Gillis in person.

The concert was incredible. It featured some of his old work, as well as unreleased material. Gregg was on stage with his saran-wrapped computer going crazy jumping up and down and dancing on the stage. People got on stage with Gregg; some even got the opportunity to dance with him. A projector screen behind the stage brought his songs to life with constantly changing random images of Barack Obama and album covers of different bands. Toilet paper blown by a leaf blower flew everywhere. It was beautiful. My brother and I agreed that it was the best concert we have ever attended.

During your next Thursday X-block/lunch break, I recommend everyone to go to the computer lab, listen to Girl Talk, and download Feed the Animals, his latest album (which you can get free here.)

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