Posted by: Staff | 12.16.2008

On It With Offit: Week 14


Pats Squeak One Out of Seattle W24-21

Great, another close Patriots’ game. Better make sure I get the extra-strength deodorant next time I go shopping. Having consecutive losses only once since 2003, The Patriots flew to the top left corner of our nation hoping for an “easy” win. However, the feisty Seahawks came to play as they were leading the game forthe first 54 minutes of the 60 minute game. 

(Patriots' Wide Receiver, Randy Moss (81), beats Seahawks' safety, Josh Wilson (26), to make a crucial third down catch in the third quarter)

(Patriots' Wide Receiver, Randy Moss (81), beats Seahawks' safety, Josh Wilson (26), to make a crucial third down catch in the third quarter)

The game started out poorly for the Pats. After a New England three-and-out following the opening kickoff, Seattle, led by second string quarterback Seneca Wallace, marched 87 yards down the field to take an early lead. After managing only one field goal, the Patriots kicked off to Seattle who, again, ripped right through the Patriots defense like it was tissue paper. Seattle was en-route to take a 14-3 lead. After seeing this disgraceful performance only 22 minutes into the game, it seemed to be an impossible win for the heavily favored Patriots…everything was going wrong. Even after a Ben Watson touchdown, the Patriots were penalized fifteen yards for using the ball as a prop in a touchdown celebration. In the second half, the Patriots came out a completely different team.



Allowing only 7 second-half points after such a miserable first-half defensive showing, the Patriots’ offense “mustered” out enough productivity to beat the Seahwks by three points. After a late Patriots touchdown to take the lead, the Seahawks chances were finally put to rest after Brandon Merriweather forced a fumble that was recovered by Richard Seymour.

The Patriots’ looked dull early on offensively, but they picked up the slack as the game continued. Matt Cassel, 26/44 with 268 yards and a touchdown, came through for his team when they needed him most. Wes Welker wound up being Cassel’s favorite receiver, catching 12 passes for 134 yards and a two point conversion reception. Randy Moss made a few big plays for the offense, but was covered well by Seattle’s’ cornerback Marcus Trufant and limited to only 3 catches. The rushing attack was more like a meager inconvenience, as the Patriots’ managed to gather only 84 yards on the ground. Sammie Morris was the Patriots leading rusher with 36 yards.

In dire need of linebacker depth, the Patriots signed two free agent LB’s last week. Oddly enough, both players were on the New England roster last year and were released in the offseason. Roosevelt Colvin, in his 9th year of professional football, was released from the Texans two weeks ago and saw limited playing time on Sunday. The ageless wonder, Junior Seau, is entering his 19th year in the NFL and made one tackle yesterday. Both veterans are expected to help the Patriots in their most concerning defensive area.

My MVP: The Slot Machine, The Little Giant, The Natural, Possessed, The guy who looks like Toby Mcguire. Call him what you want but either way, Wes Welker wins my MVP award for this week. His 12 catches were instrumental in the teams win, especially a few he had in third down situations and on the two-point conversion attempt. Welker currently has more receptions than any other NFL player this season.

Up Next: The Patriots stay on the West Coast and head about 800 miles south to Oakland, California where they will square off against the Raiders. The Raiders are struggling at 3-10 and have the worst winning percentage of any team this decade. Most fans thought the last game would be a walk in the park, but since we were proven wrong, nobody is quite certain how this game will end. Keep the playoff picture in mind, if the Patriots want to have a shot at postseason participation, they NEED to win their remaining three games.


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